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Okay honestly though, Shakesqueer (Madhavi Menon, ed.) is still the best book ever. Like, it has actual academic essays and some of them make excellent points but then I also can’t stop laughing while reading it. Here are some gems from the essay on Richard II by Judith Brown:

  • "[Richard’s] word-fondling tongue has also made him an object of some suspicion: as one mid-twentieth-century critic complained, he ‘calls out the latent homosexuality of critics’."
  • "Pater […] claims that lyric poetry ‘preserves the unity of a single passionate ejaculation’."
  • ”[…] it is Richard’s tongue as it shapes, forms, fondles, and luxuriates over the words that have, for centuries, excited his critics. […] The tongue is queer.”
  • [On Richard’s speech at 5.5.37 f., “Think that I am unkinged by Bolingbroke / And straight am nothing”:] “And if straight he is nothing, he leaves room for a queer something.”
  • "[Richard] is the king of glam."

I’m getting more and more interested about how the Thursday readthrough is going to go


So a while back me and my friends were discussing Shakespeare and suddenly one of them asks “so is his first name Shake”

Shake Speare







princes, that strive by factions and by friends / ambitiously for rule and empery

meanshakespeare is killing it as always




the eternal struggle between “i want to give this character a hug and a blanket” vs “i want to give this character a kick in the ass and a severe talking to”

Cassius and Brutus.

Almost any male Shakespearean character really.


fuck traditional standards for women

marry benedick

kill claudio

tempted to make a shakespeare tag drinking game like 

  1. drink when quotes are incorrectly attributed to shakespeare, take another drink if there’s a typo too.
  2. drink when people are being pretentious fucks about pronunciation/ slamming people who don’t like shakespeare
  3. chug whenever you see a person in a bathtub with flowers tagged ophelia, then go tell that person why that’s not a good thing to do.
  4. sip for something unrelated to shakespeare
  5. chug whenever anyone tries to give a definitive opinion on romeo and juliet/ any other shakespeare play

idk what else would be good but that would get you quite a ways toward inebriation or hydration depending what you want to drink. 


Just in case some of you haven’t heard of/seen this website before I would definitely recommend it!

It is very easy to navigate and you have the option to have either a synopsis, a list of characters, or a contents list next to the play itself.


Any salad can be a Caesar salad if you stab it enough

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hello also eighttwotwopointthreethree wanna take this one?


After watching the ShakespeaRe-Told version of Macbeth with James McAvoy and Joseph Millson (which, incidentally, is utterly fabulous), I have a new ship: Macbanquo.



After watching the ShakespeaRe-Told version of Macbeth with James McAvoy and Joseph Millson (which, incidentally, is utterly fabulous), I have a new ship: Macbanquo.


Hey! I'd love to be involved with a read through if you're having one soon, I just graduated from acting school and I'm dying to work on something with other actors. :)

I’m not like hosting the read through or anything but you can hit up socialshakespeare for the link to the signup! 

Hi, read about Richard II read-through. What is a read-through? I haven't read a word of shakespeare. But I have watched movie adaptations of Macbeth and Othello. So is it okay for me to join in with the interest of listening only?

OKAY the readthrough is a group skype call where a bunch of people read a character or two from the play. You can absolutely sign up just to listen in! However you want to be involved with Shakespeare is great!



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The sign up count for the read-through of Richard II isn’t even close yet to last months’ Twelfth Night and A Midsummer Night’s Dream. This cannot be, lovely people!

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